3D Light panel with Color changing LED lights

Here is an example of 3D light panel with color changing led lights that just got installed in our showroom in Denver, Colorado. People constantly ask us if we have any limitations on shapes or sizes – and reality is –  WE DO NOT! We can create virtually any crazy shape you can dream up. Be creative! Design unique lighting features for spaces and let us do the framework, skin it in translucent membrane and back light it with LED lights. This is what we are good at! Enjoy!


AIA Chicago – CHIC AIA GO – has been well completed


Ceiling tiles, light panels and decorative surfaces at AIA ChicagoImage


This was a first exposure of architectural foam ceiling tiles to architectural community. The response has been amazing!

We are very pleased and thankful. Special thank you to those who made good recommendations and suggestions as to what they’d like to see on the market. Your comments are greatly appreciated as it helps us perfect the product and deliver exactly what is needed these days.

Thank you to ALL!

Custom Ceiling Design in Denver by IDS Group

Ceiling design is not just the matter of covering up ugly structural elements of roofs or ceilings it is an architectural element of interior that completes the room. Seems like many of us ignore ceiling design even though naturally as we walk into a room our eyes aim at the ceiling rather then anything else. IDS Group in Denver specializes in creating unique ceilings, we offer complete suspended ceilings in over 150 colors, 3D ceiling features and light panels that offer efficiency and functionality. If you have a complicated design objective or or looking for ways to decrease budget on your specialty ceilings contact us, we can help!

See inspirations of custom ceiling designs at http://ids2go.com/designer-ceilings.html


Stainless Steel Toe Kick Covers to spice up your kitchen

 Toe Kick Covers
Stainless Steel Toe kick Covers will change the look of your kitchen. Designed for remodeling/decoration of existing toekick panels. Easy cutting with regular utility knife by score and snap method! Attention! This is the easiest way to give your existing kitchen modern European look! This is the perfect way to create harmony between your stainless steel appliances, toe kicks and handles.Custom sizes available upon request! Fast availability! Orders over 100 lft. qualify for special pricing.
Toe Kick Covers 4″ (high) X 102″ (long) $68.34 per piece. (sold in 8.5′ long pieces)
 Toe Kick Covers 6 ” (high) X 102″ (long) $102.00 per piece. (sold in 8.5′ long pieces)

Shop Now: http://www.doors2me.com/toekickcovers.php

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles – What are they?

Styrofoam ceiling tiles is the most misrepresented and misused term. Be aware that there is no such a thing as Styrofoam ceiling tiles and here is why:

Styrofoam is a trade mark of DOW Chemical Company – http://www.dow.com . Here you will find THREE quick tips to recognize STYROFOAM™ products http://building.dow.com/media/tips.htm , as you see none of them refer to ceiling tiles in particular therefore it is totally unethical to have anyone use the name of Styrofoam other then products manufactured by DOW Chemical Company under STYROFOAM™ brand. If you visit their website you will see that STYROFOAM™ brand products are manufactured from closed cell foam that was initially developed for Coast Guard and U.S. Navy applications, which later on became most known as insulation materials.

Today, STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation is one of the leading brands of insulation in the world. STYROFOAM™ Brand products are used in a variety of insulation applications, from rooftops to basement walls. Other applications range from marine buoyancy billets to core foam to floral, art and craft products. Most STYROFOAM™ Brand products are easily recognized by a distinctive trademark BLUE™ color.

So, to summarize, if you are buying ceiling tiles and its not blue color nor it has STYROFOAM™ stamped brand on it – it is NOT STYROFOAM, can not be referred to as  STYROFOAM and has nothing to do with STYROFOAM. Most likely you are looking at the product made out of Polystyrene or what is called Architectural Foam. There are various types of foam ceiling tiles found through out the world such as extruded, pressed and injected. Some of them comply with US codes of acceptable fire ratings and others do not qualify for any and simply are dangerous. When looking at foam ceiling tiles make sure to ask if they poses calls A fire rating.

If you are looking for Safe, Class A Fire Rated ceiling tiles made in USA of Architectural Foam or Polystyrene for your commercial or residential place we recommend selecting from the following options: